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Journals & Conferences


  1. WP
    Blockchain Technology: An Invisible Hand for Crypto? A Data Analytic Probe on Ethereum
    Lin MB, and Chen CYH
    Working Paper   2023
  2. WP
    Non Fungible Tokens and VizTech
    Härdle WK, Wang BL, and Lin MB
    Working Paper   2023


  1. WP
    Cross-exchange Crypto Risk: A High-frequency Dynamic Network Perspective
    Lu WB, Wang YF*, Lin MB*, Ren R, and Härdle WK
    Working Paper   2022
  2. WP
    DAI Digital Art Index: A Robust Price Index for Heterogeneous Digital Assets
    Lin MB, Wang BL, Bocart F, Hafner C, and Härdle WK
    Working Paper   2022
  3. CBI
    Resource Requirements in Business Process Modelling from an Operations Management Perspective
    Goel A, and Lin MB
    In IEEE 24th Conference on Business Informatics, CBI 2022


  1. AQAFA
    Blockchain Mechanism and Distributional Characteristics of Cryptos
    Lin MB, Khowaja K, Chen CYH, and Härdle WK
    Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance & Accounting, AQAFA 2021


  1. BPM
    Optimized Resource Allocations in Business Process Models
    Ihde S, Pufahl L, Lin MB, Goel A, and Weske M
    In International Conference on Business Process Management, BPM 2019


  1. LOUGH
    Human Vision / Computer Vision: Making Sense of Art
    Loughborough University & The British Academy, November 24-25 2022
  2. SER
    Singapore Economic Review Conference
    Augst 01-03 2022
  3. MCR
    Advances in Data Science and AI Conference
    June 20-21 2022
  4. RNS
    CryptoAssets and Digital Asset Investment Workshop
    April 07-08 2022